Food Grade Plastic Buckets

now in stock for your honey harvest! 12.5l (30lb) £3.00 each

2 in 1 Polystyrene Nuc

14 x 12 £49

BS Deep £40

Hive Stands

suitable for two hives - £35




Queen Bees

Queen Bees

Honey Jars

 454g (1lb) [Round] Box of 72 - £24

340g (3/4lb) [Hexagonal] Box of 84 - £31

227g (1/2lb) [Hexagonal] Box of 36 - £12.50

Correx BS Deep Nuc


Bees Wax

£1 (28g)

Bees Wax Soap

£1.50 (100g)

Bee Suits

Deluxe Full Suit £132.95 (retail)

£110.79 (BBKA disc)

Bee Suits

BB Wear full basic suit

Basic Full Suit £103.95 (retail)

£86.63 (BBKA disc)

Beekeeping training courses

Taster Session

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Beginner Courses

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Next Level

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WI registered

Primary schools

Secondary Schools

What are honey bees about?

Pests and Diseases